Violet lips & silver nails

Ok at least I think this is silver =) In bottle is like light light blue with silver shimmer & little silver glitters but then on nails looks like transparent white with silver shimmer and silver glitters… soo yeea let’s say it’s somehow silver 🙂

Violet & silver are colors of my two new make up products =p Again by S-he Stylezone. I think that for some weeks I’ll have some new ones every monday… My “problem” is that DM store is next to Spar shop where I buy food every monday when I come to Ljubljana. So offcourse I put one eye in DM & find something for me. Now that S-he Stylezone have new look, this is the most interesting. Good that don’t cost a lot (y)

This is what went home with me yesterday:

1. S-he Stylezone Nail polish in 270 –> 2.50€

I use two coats.

2. S-he Stylezone Lipstick in 170 –> 2.95€

It’s darker violet with glitters that are all colors. On lips u don’t see them. When u applay it looks like something be2 dark pink and violet, probablly because of color of lips. Lipstick is smooth and soft as they say on their new web page..there u can also play tetris xD It’s easy to applay but goes away very fast.

I wanted and expected darker violet but even the way it turns out this lipstick it’s ok. It looks good on me, I like it & I’ll think I’ll use it a lot. Just will try do avoid eat & drink when I’ll wear it xD


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