We’re in final!!! Eurovision (y)

Yeeeessss!!!! SLOVENIA is in final round of Eurovision =p
It was so hard to watch the results =) And even more when she was singin, I was so nervous that I heared all wrong and thought she sing bad xD Well it was definetlly better in first rehersal (y)
And don’t know why did they wait almost till the end to say “Slovenia!” I almost died waiting xD but then was so HAPPY when I saw it and after us Sweden. In fact I was so screaming and jumping of happines that I didn’t even know why they’re showing Erick Saade hahauhauhauha Then I got it his in =p

I wish all the best for us in final and also to Sweden..This two are the best! Plus Estonia =)

After the show they draw the position in final. When it was our turn only numbers 20 and 7 were left. Our tim wished for 20 and when she pick up ball with number 20 Urška Vlašič ( one of autors of the song) jumed in the air…it was funny!!! =) Number 7 was left for Sweden.

Good luck on saturday Maja!!


2 thoughts on “We’re in final!!! Eurovision (y)

  1. Hey,Lidija, I’ve stumbled upon your blog the other day and I’m lovin’ it as your posts are fun and cute and honest. Keep up the good work! Have a great weekend.

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