New S-he Stylezone look

This weekend S-he Stylezone put out new look in our DM stores. So far it looks interesting, especially nail polishes, lipsticks and lipglosses. Eyeshadows and mascaras don’t like..they look tooo wird. One mascara looks like big black rectangle.
Look is based on rectangles and squars, reminds on computer game Tetris. Otherwise the formula of all the things is the same. I think they spread their range of colors, but I’m not shure..this is just my first impresion. I shure they didnt have black & silver lipstick befour. Yeea they have lipstick in all colors from black till non-colored, I just miss blue,green,yellow and gold xD

This is what I pick really hard..I wanted to take all with me =) Ahhh yeea, they didn’t change the name, they still use numbers only 😦

1. S-he Stylezone nail polish 020 –>2.50€

This is one coat. Color is peach with hint of light pink, remineds me on one tipe of rose. I like it even thou I thought it will be more creamy and powerfull.

This are two coats. Had no problems with application.

2. S-he Stylezone nail polish 255 –>2.50€

Bouth nail polishes together and with old bottle.

To hold was better old one & new ones look better in my opinion.

3. S-he Stylezone Silver lipstick, 185 –>

I look like alian with it xD I pick this one cuz it’s unusual and cuz I coudn’t decide which other one to pick. Next time I’ll get dark violet & black..I want to see how will look on me (y) I’m convinced dark colors don’t look great on me.
Application was smooth.

Old and new one together.

4. S-he Stylezone lipgloss 141/110

Applicator is a brush. Lipgloss is dark pink with small glitters in violet,silver,blue & pink.


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