Chic Cerise by IsaDora

In spring collection IsaDora came out with Jelly Kiss lipsticks. At that time they had 4 different shades, now they added 6 new one. I like a lot of them, they look better in live than on internet. Also like their soft formula that gave watery/jelly look on u’re lips. This lipsticks are one of them that I don’t mine spending 16.89€ for on.
I also like their magnet patent that’s in the cap of lipstick, only don’t like that u can see finger tips on it.

First I bought 52 Rose Blush. It got me with their formula, so when I saw in our Muller that they have all new ones, I decided to buy another. I pick 55 Chic Cerise that is in fact from the first 4 xDD But it’s so beautiful that it got to be mine (y)

I also like 50 Rainbow. I tried it on my hand in store and is non-colored lipstick with glitters that look lil bit holographic..really interesting. Thinkin about buying it =)


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