Top Model Lipglosses

Top Model is a brand for girls who wants to be a top models. They have all u can imagine..bags, pencils,toys, make up paper…
Today I finally decided to try this brand, Befour I alwasy thought this is cheap make up for kids, no good. But it did prove me wrong, I was surprised (y)

1. Rose lipgloss with taste of Peach –> 2.95€

Have little silver glitters and smells like peach. They also have it in black color.

2. Top Model, Glamour Star lipgloss –> 4.95€

Non-colored base with silver glitters, taste like mint.

3. Top Model, Sweetie Girl lipgloss –> 4.95€

Pink lipgloss with taste and smell of strawberry.

At last to lipglosses I like applicator. In the past I had lipgloss like that but I can’t remember by which brand it was 😦 That was 7 or 8 years ago.

U need to rotate lower part of lipgloss to get lipgloss out. Uper part have brush that great helpes to applay lipgloss.


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