Start of may in H&M

Today I visit 2 H&M’s, one cuz I wanted and other one cuz it was close to the shop where I bought new laptop mouse, again. “Old” one is not even 2 months old..but my computer don’t want it any’s wird! 🙂
Offcourse I came out from bouth H&M’s with some goodies!! \o/
2 nailpolishes and 3 lipglosses and 2 short pant..the saim just in other color jajaaaj cuz in first one didn’t have blue ones in number 38 xD ahhha yaa :p

Each for 9.95€

1. H&M Paradies Pink & Sizzling Lime –> Each for 0.95€

Sizzling Lime looks like OPI Simply Smash-ing! just with no glitters.

2. Lipgloss H&M Coral Hibiscus & Lipgloss H&M Beige Orchid –> Each for 0.95€

3. Lipgloss H&M Pink Lily

On photo with Lipgloss H&M Pink Flamingo that I bought befour.

Comparing with other H&M Lipglosses that I have:


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