My b’day gifts

My b’day was last weekend and I had a blast!! And I had enough of sayin “Hvala”,thank you after every congrats xDD Nooo, well I said it so many times that at the end I thought I’m sayin it incorrect =p
I went for a drink with friends 🙂 and I got a cake from my mum.. we also drink wine from Germany, on our trip we bought 2 bottles of wine. We had to…why? Cuz my mum and sister liked it & that’s a miracle =) They don’t like wine wery much.

My gifts… I got a lot of money 🙂 So I could buy what I want & only I know what I already don’t have (y) It works ok for me… Today I bought some of the gifts for me with their money.
I also got 3 dvd’s by telenovela Rebelde. That was my only wish 🙂 My mum gave it to me. I wanted it cuz this was the only think I didn’t have yet by Rebelde or RBD ( pop group from this telenovela) & that u can buy in Slovenia. In 2008 I was their this was more as fullfiling my collection. LIke ppl collect stamps and so, I collect Rebelde/RBD things xDD Well now it’s full 😦

This version is “the original” from Mexico, with no subtitles. I already have version maid for Slovenia with slovenian subtitles. It’s on 10 dvd’s. So u see it’s really just for collection 🙂

I also got one chocolate box by my mum and one my dad. Both by Lindt.

Then what my sister gave me… Chocolate 🙂 2 books from Millennium triology written by Stieg Larsson, first one I already had. Again , full collection xD And make up + 2 nail polishes + 1 earrings that I pick =)

1. Maybelline Mini Colorama, 80 Electric blue
2. Maybelline Mini Colorama 48 Honey Crystals
3. Brush by Alverde ( Lidschatten Pinsel)
4. S-he Stylezone wooden earrings with animal print
5. Manhattan Soft Mat, 95G
6. Vollare cosmetics, eyeshadow quatro palette 29

I’ll write about make up & nail polishes more in one of next post’s.

And today I got my last gift \o/ Gift from Tasmania, islan near Australia. From there my friend Nils ( originaly from Norway) send me “Tim Tam biscuits” with chocolate. They are extra delicious, super good!! Awsome gift 😉

And then was the end of my b’day xD That day went so fast, to fast. Can’t wait for next year \o/


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