Mini Colorama nail polishes

Mini Colorama by Maybelline. Nail polishes that I didn’t like a lot. Range of the colors that they have didn’t amuze me. They were borring. But then one post on some blog changed my mind 🙂 Now I like it more, especially cuz I saw today that we have new summer collores.. sadlly I can’t figure out from which collection 😦
Each coast 2.95€

1. Honey Crystals 48

Got by my sister, it’s from “old” standard collection. Gold base with big silver glitters. It’s more for a topper than for base color.

2. Electric blue 80

Also got by my sister. Blue and electric 🙂

3. Urban Turquoise 120

Creamy turquoise color.

4. Urban Orange 105

Orange with golden small glitters

5. Urban Lemon 100

Best yellow that I have! Had no problems with applaying. On photo is one coat & u can’t see stripes..u can see them when u applay pastel yellow nail polish.


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