Tomorow is my b’day! :p

Tomorow I’ll be 21 & I could legaly get drunk in USA xDDD Funny that this is first think I remember when u say I’ll be 21.. most of slovenians do that :p

Soo yea, I was born on 4.may in 1990 in Slovenia. We were still under Yugoslavia and Yugoslavian president Tito died on 4.5.1980 🙂 Fact that my grandma mention few times jajajaja Also my mum grandma died on 4.may just don’t know which year. jajajajj ok, enough of death :p
Yes, I’m older than my country & I totally like that fact 🙂 I have 2 birth certificates, one from Yugoslavia and one from free Slovenia… that’s also interesting 🙂
Another fact about me…Because of me my mum couldn’t watch Eurosong/Eurovision in 1990 when it was in Yugoslavia (for the first and last time). It was on 5.5.1990. She never miss it and wanted to watch it 1990 to, but I guess I had other plans with her xDD Because of that fact I also never miss Eurosong…even when I was on trip with school I watch it & that prevent me from beein traped in elevator xD

Since ever I like coffee with milk, when I was lil I drink it with my grandad ( he died when I was 5) & like he I like to do/make goblen,gobelin..don’t remember whats english word for it :S
When I was lil I hated blue jeans ( I had them in all other posible colors) & pink color but was in love in crayons…always dreamed about box of 64 crayons by Jolly, or were 36 hmmmm well at that time was a BIG box xD I always had to have crayons or pencils in my hand, in left hand..but when I had bandage on it I started to write and colored with right hand, so now I write with right hand & all other things I do with left. WIRD xD

What more to say about me be4 my b’day 🙂
I love chocolate & ice cream, it’s always place for that in me…If I say I don’t want ice cream u know I’m sick or mad at u… when I’m sick I don’t eat I just drink tea and watch tv. I do that since ever jajajaja.
I collect chocolate envelops & stamps & like puzzles… If u gave me this 4 my b’day I’ll be extra happy =) And nail polishes.

My b’day…On my b’day I get gifts from my family and cake made by my mum. This year will be the second time I woun’t be at home cuz I’ll be in Ljubljana, I study there.
I like to read what happened on some day in the past & I like to watch all sports, but I don’t do any sport 🙂 Normally I memorize results, know the names of sportmans & never miss games where Slovenia play ( watch on tv)… so I easily memorize most stupid things and facts but what I need for school I just lost xD

Like that, I know that tomorow is also b’day by Audrey Hepburn & that I didn’t watch any of her films but know that she was in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s also Star Wars day & I never watch any of their series, films or read strip 🙂 It’s b’day by Mike Dirnt from Green Day, of them I have 2 cd’s =) also Lance Bass from Nsync, never on my cd player ( I’m was Kelly Familly & Cought in the act girl jajaaja) Then Cesc Fabregas, Spanish football player..I always cheer for him not for his tim & that’s the reason I don’t know where he plays currently 🙂 And Pauline Ducruet, daughter of HSH Princess Stéphanie of Monaco..that I don’t know but I like the fact that I share b’day with some Princess xd

On that day is also Bird day in USA. The name of this day is Florian, so I should be slovenian FloriJana. Yeea we put J in names but we don’t pronounce it very much 🙂
Another funny fact… two years ago I found on Facebook girl from Brasil who is also born on 4.5.1990, just not at the same hour xD For that I could say “Thank you” to Mexican group RBD, she is fan of them & I’m also in some way ( not hard core or fanatica) jajajaj so we find each other through other RBD fans. Now we call each other “twin” & we hope that some day we could celebrate b’day together. (y)

For tomorow I don’t have any special plan what to do. I know I’ll go out & check some shops to find some gift for me & at night..don’t know yet xD Will see what the night will bring :p
I hope it will be sun cuz I’m girl of the sun 🙂
And I hope we all will have great & awsome day!!


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