End of vacations

In Slovenia we had spring vacations last week. We have it every year at this time of year. This time they were also connected with Easter. It was nice to have break from school, studiing and Ljubljana 🙂
Me & my family decided to go to Germany. We went to 4 day trip to places near river Rhein. It was nice, we had sun & we drive more than 2000 km here and there in bus xD

I’ll write more about it next week when I’ll collect all the photos, memories and storys..and when I’ll figure out which picture belongs to which place jajajajajaj
In this post I’ll say more about Royal wedding \o/ I didn’t see it cuz was in Germany 😦 but did watch short version of it when I came home. It was beautifull!!! Kate & Will were awsome ❤
But more than their dresses I memorize dresses of two other girls 🙂 What the hell were Beatrice & Eugenie of York thinkin' when they put that thing on :O Especially Beatrice.

Hat is interesting but in my opinion not apropriate for wedding..but what is with the rest of the dress. Looks like dress for old lady–part near the neck. And the color is not really workin on her 🙂 Then the make up…to dark eyes, tooo much black, looks like panda. I think it don’t look ok on her.

Blue color from Eugenie dress is great but what they did from her is bad. Don’t like the upper part of it & hat is also strange.

Let’s move to what I liked 🙂 I liked what Queen Elizabeth II. put on…yaap I did, even thou she always have something similar xD I liked her yellow color, upper part near the neck & decoration on her hat. To make it better she even put a lil smile =)

Another hat that got a lot of attencion is the one by Zara Phillips. It’s big, it’s black and from it I’ll keep only smaller flower part..other part looks like umbrella and they didn’t have rain or sun.

And for the end photo of The couple… they look perfect, like dolls on wedding cake 🙂


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