Hard candy cosmetic

In past weekend I made two swaps or exchange or don’t know how ppl say it xDD I red on other blogs but I forget it jajajajaja Soo… I send to USA Essence stample plates and girls send me back surprise package for the same price. One of thouse I already got, for second one I still wait 🙂

In swap with Courtney from http://iamglamourpuss.blogspot.com/ blog. I also sent her 3 nail polishes made for stamping by Essence. In replace she send me 4 products by Hard candy cosmetics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Candy_(cosmetics) It’s american brand that I did’t knew till now. They have great things and I really love what I got \o/

1. Nail polish in color 321 Beetle

Have dark blue base in which are glitters like sand in dark red color and under light reflects in green,gold and red. Consist 10.3ml of polish.
As I saw on their page, every polish have matching ring. Mine is cute violet in shape of a heart. Really cute ❤
Applaying is really good and you don't need to wait for a secont coat to repear bad applaying. It's like upgraded OPI nail polish formula =) At least this mine is like that.

2. Glossaholic lipgloss in color 367 Fireball

Fire red with gold/orange/bronze/red flecks. To me smells like some candy & a lil bit like caramel. Can’t describe it xD
On lips don’t looks so red, under light u can see flecks. It’s interesting (y) I was only surprised how big the applicator is and was affraid it will put too much lipgloss on my lips, but it turns out is totally enough. 10.8g of lipgloss.

3. Eye Def glitter eyeshadow in color 325 Algae

12.6 g of glitters in olive green color. In bottle looks really intens but on eyes they’re not. Have applicator like lipglosses. I tap it on eyes and blend it with fingers, I find it easier that way..and u prevent to have to much glitter in one place and non on other.

4. Lash Tinsel glitter mascara in color 352 Lift here/Soulever LCI

16.2g of blue glitters. Have applicator that I don’t like 🙂 I never buy mascara with applicator like this. But I saw for the first time glitter mascara, so applicator don’t bother me.
I have light eyelashes, also have light brown hair or dark blond… however u like it xD so the problem was that this blue glitters are almost invisible on them. I had to applay black mascara first and then this. Then it pops out great and looks awsome.

With mascara also came small Glitter silver eyeliner. Eyeliner like that had Essence in Twillight collection last year. On me looks silver and I never see the glitters :S Happened the same with this and the Essence one 😦

It’s really glittery gift right? xDD But I said I like glitters and this are perfect!! I’m tryin to pick favourite thing & I can’t 🙂


One thought on “Hard candy cosmetic

  1. Hey, Just wanted to let you know I have sent your package, sorry came down with the flu when i came home from holiday and wasnt able to get out of the house to send it.

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