New H&M goodies :)

After exame I went to check out what new things have in H&M. On tv they roll new H&M commercial every day so I had to go there xDD I didn’t buy any new dress or t-shirt or pants. I came out with new earrings,nail polishes and lip gloss. Ohh and in the shop I felt like tourist 🙂 u know why… cuz I was almost only one speaking slovenian xD There was bunch of tourists from Spain, some germans, ppl from Japan, english speaking pearsons and so on. Yaaap tourist season is on!! =p

1. Animal Earrings –> 4.95€

This ones are definetlly original & interesting 🙂 Having fly for earring jajajajaa

2. Pink Flamingo, H&M Lipgloss –> 0.95€

Gives u look of a sparklin lips 🙂

3. Sunset dreams, H&M nail polish –> 0.95€

Bright orange that I assume is a lil bit neon. One coat es enough to make similar look as OPI Sorbet nail polishes from Texas collection. Had no problems with applaying it.

4. Dazzling Jade, H&M nail polish –> 0.95€

Blue-green color. I put two coats cut with this color I didn’t like the “sorbet” effect 🙂


4 thoughts on “New H&M goodies :)

  1. H&M nail polish are the best on the market right now (for me they are!)
    I have »spring dream« collection from two months ago and they are the best – colors stay on nail for 3 days with no problem and I wash dishes every afternoon!

    • I agree with you (y)
      Pa vidim d si slovenka 🙂 Jz sm dns kupla ta dva v Ljubljani na Čopovi, majo jih še ceu kup v košari pri blagajni. Tk da lahk razširiš H&M kolekcijo xD

  2. o super! hvala 🙂 Pridem kaj naokrog! (Žal novi H&M v Novem mestu v tisti razvpiti novi Qulandiji nima nič od kozmetike- žalost!)

    • Ni zakaj!
      Znam da 🙂 Novomeški H&M je eden slabjih. Postavitev polic ma čudno, nič kozmetike, pa pr nakitu so tud bol švoh. Sm dobla občutek da majo bol poudarek na otroškem oddelku.

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