Freaky friday with Deborah Milano =p

Freaky friday is collection by Manhattan cosmetics that FINALLY came to this tiny country 🙂 We are so behind Germany and other countrys arrggg!!

Collection have two eyeshadow paletts, two lip glosses and mascara that I’m not interested in. It also have 4 bright nail polishes, that are Ultra glossy. I think this should be something as “sorbet” in OPI languague xD

Let’s show the beautys!! Each for 4.45€

1. Red-pink nail polish 54K

This one is more creamy than others three and the one wich I had the most problems with applaying. It’s similar to Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever… like it’s lil sister 🙂

2. Rosa/Pink nail polish 51K

This is medium pink 🙂 Not light and not dark, soo yea medium jajaa. With spring I just become new fan on pink nails & that’s why I like it. Have no similar nail polish, I’m new in pink 🙂

3. Bright orange nail polish 34K

It’s like dark orange (fruit) and not so neon that H&M Sunset dreams.

34K is on left & Sunset dreams on right.

4. Violet or purple nail polish 56L

When I went to pay this polishes I saw another pretty one…. bright green with shine. It’s unusual & I love it =) Will be on at summer \o/

5. Deborah Milano, Collection 7 days long, color 837 –> 5.79€

I put one coat. Here u can see it with 2 coats ( mybe they’re even more :s )


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