Fluff laptop bag

Today came out paparazzi photos from yesterday date/lunch of Christopher von Uckermann and his “not yet official” girlfriend Marian Zapico. What got in my eyes is her bag. Cute one with lil dogs on it ❤ I like it so much that I had to find out what bag it is… so I went on internet search xDD

Great for me is that paparazzi photos are so close-up that I could read the brand of the bag 🙂 It’s FLUFF (y) http://store.fluffshop.com/index.html They have amazing things!! Not only with dog, with other things to 🙂 Her bag they don’t have anymore on official page, cuz they have new collections. But I found it here –> http://stores.purse-o-nalities.com/-strse-17/Fru-Fru-Passport-Wallet/Detail.bok 

Mistery of anonim bag is solved 🙂 It’s FLUFF DOGGY BOUDOIR LAPTOP BAG!!!


 Cute bag with Marian 🙂

  close-up xD

Let’s make some promo 🙂 She curently play/act in serie “Mentes en shock” by FOX. It’s on air ever monday ( this week was second part) and is awsome (y) She plays a sister of one of main caracters. She’s Lola and have sicknes that make her think all her friends and familly are replaced by their bad twins. Read here more –>http://www.foxtv.es/mentesenshock Is in spanish 😉

This bag also have green sister

 –> http://villamondo.com/index.php?PCID=15604&PSO=130&PSID=FLA1302&PSV=Primary&CDO=

Coin purse little sister ( in blue & green)


Flatt wallet

 –> http://www.justusgirlsboutiqueonline.com/item/Doggy-Boudoir-Flat-Wallet-by-Fluff/2334/c146 

Passport wallet


Train case

 –> http://stores.purse-o-nalities.com/-strse-43/Train-Case–dsh–Doggy/Detail.bok 

Make up bag

 –> http://villamondo.com/index.php?PCID=15604&PSO=130&PSID=FLA1002&PSV=Primary&CDO=

They are all so cute!!! I want one *-* But I’ll guess I’ll just stay with watching on net 🙂


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