Sunday befour Easter we celebrate in Slovenia  “Cvetna nedelja” meaning “Flower sunday”, others call it “Palm sunday”. On that day ppl come with “Butarice”,”Butare”..in front of church where butarice are blessed. Butarice are bundles of greenery &  flowers & painted wood curls. Some ppl also put on oranges and apples. Home made Butarice are mostly made by greenery and flowers. Ff you buy them they are made of painted wood curls, cuz it stays longer 🙂 On that day you can see a lot of kids in front of church, even the ones who never go there… they come cuz it’s interesting to see so much colors and flowers & probablly all their friends are there 😉

Aparentlly this tradition is held only in Slovenia,Austria,Germany,Czech Republic and as I remember also in Croatia. In other countrys they use only Olive branchs or something else.

 –> This ones are made of greenery and painted wood curls.

 From blog http://www.confessionsofatraveljunkie.com/blog/2009/4/14/farmers-market-on-the-vodnik-square-in-ljubljana.html 🙂

    –> In colors of Slovenian flag, only coat of arms is missing =)

 –> Home made with flowers.

 –> Home made with oranges and apples.


 –> We also put it on our stamp. It’s from year 1997. http://www.posta.si/opis-postnega-ziga/296/Slovenija-Evropa-v-malem-Ljubljanska-cvetnonedeljska-butarica?nodeid=534


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