Essence You Rock limited edition

New limited edition by Essence which will come in on may-juni. Have eyeshadow base and lipstain plus some other cool things, but about this two I’m the most exsited 🙂 I just hope we’ll have this cuz latelly happens something wird with Essence here 😦 We had Blossoms collection only in Muller & even there was almost hidden, u saw it only by luck. And even when I saw it, it was almost empty… I bought eyeshadow “Bloom-a-loom. It’s light purple & I like it, even thou my wish was to buy nail polishes xDD Annnd in all other shops they STILL have Black & white collection!! 😮 Plus only in Muller u can buy new permanent collection. For me that’s horrible situacion 🙂 We also didn’t have Berlin collection & art collection 😦 Arrrg!!!

So, in hope will have it here..let see what is in this rock collection 😉

1. Rock chick’s palette 01 –> 3.99€

 6 eyeshadows, applicator & black kajal pencil

2. Rock chick’s base –>2.29€


3. Lipstain in “01 Let me in rose” and “02 Your pink is on fire”  –>1.99€ each

I think Maybelline have simillar thing… I never bought it so I’ll try this. This ones look better & price is better 🙂

4. Rock chick’s refresher –>1.99€

  One of the thing I’ll definetly woun’t buy. In my opinion this things are useless 🙂 Mybe they need it in big citys :S

5. Rock chick’s brush –> 1.29€


Cute little brush that u always need in bag. Just don’t know how will go with my long hair. Don’t like when brush puls out some of my hair. Otherwise is practical. Somehow always happens that when I need brush I don’t have it in my bag 🙂

6. Nail polishes in 5 colors & in cute bottle –> 1.49€ each

  01 Cut off the beige

 02 Love,peace and purple

 03 Kings of mints

 04 Let me in pink

 05 Speed of light blue


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