Summer jumpsuit 

This year came back jumpsuits =p Jumpsuits for girls with flowers that look romantic. At first I didn’t like them but in my favourite shop xDD u know in H&M..they made them so sweet & cute that I coudn’t resist I bought one 🙂 I also find out that I prefer them with short pants =p

1. Jumpsuit –> 19.95€



Can’t wait to put it on at summer, near the sea with ice cream in my hand and wind in the hair xD They have it in this version, then in brown, white with blue/black dotts and with big blue-red-pink-green flowers –really screamy xD

At the cashier I took H&M Hand cream in Fresh Lime that have the same cute flower that their Lip balms.

2. Hand cream –> 3.95€


50ml of awsome light lime smell that I don’t know how to describe cuz it don’t have intense lime parfume. I super like it! It’s not sticky or full of oil. I had lil bit dry hands, after I put it on they are smooth & soft. Better that I espected 🙂 They also had it in Vanilla ( with yellow sticker) and in cotton ( with white or light blue sticker, not shure). I’m not shure how cotton smells 🙂 mybe I’ll go again to the store just to smell it jajajajaja They also had Hand “hanky”..don’t know english word for it :s  well they also have it in Cotton version.


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