Essence South beach & Long beach palette

Essence have 2 new eyeshadow palettes from their “Sun club” collection or brand, don’t know how to call it xDDD Colors in palettes are really cool, like sea and sand and sun 😉 In each is 8 small eyeshadows and applicator.  Colors are in matt & shimmer/glitter version. I like the scale of colors, they are apropriet for summer…for vacations at the beach. Paletts are small so u can take them to holidays, they don’t take to much space and u have lots of color in one.

1. 01 South beach


 Yellow is matt, nude is with small glitters in the saim color,peach is sparkly and blue is light matt with shimmer.

 First green is with shimmer and is darker that second green which is matt. Dark brown is with small gold glitters and light brown is matt with small glitters

2. 02 Long beach


 (from right to left,first line) Matt brown like mud 🙂 next is brown with small gold glitters then dark skin color ( but on skin looks like skin. I have light skin color)  with glitters and  shimmer. Last is nude with glitters ( the same as nude in first palette).

 Brown’s on paper.

  First is light grey mixed with light brown and with silver glitters, then is light brown with small glitters, gold with matt shimmer and matt peach color.

I don’t remember what the price was but I guess is about 3€ each.


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