New Catrice nail polishes

Catrice have new colors in their permanent collections. Some are pastels with spring touch, some glitters, dark colors and so. They also are doing new web page and I hope they’ll start it soon cuz withouth it I don’t know how much new permanent polishes they have 😦 Despite this “problem” I found some of new ones that I like (y) Like all others each cost 2.49€ and in Slovenia u can buy them in Muller store.

I’ll post only photos of bottles cuz I just cut my nails, they’re extra short, plus my cuticules look horrible 🙂



 400 Blue Cora Ciao, 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, 410 Blue Party at night




490 Iron Mermaiden, 510 Bye bye Birdy!




430 Purplelized, 540 I’m I blue or green?, 420 Dirty Berry


My favourites are “Raspberry fields forever” and “Dirty Berry”.


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