Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull — On the floor

I wanted to post this thing on 4.3.2011 but I coudn’t cuz WordPress had some problems. Was sad about it & didn’t write all at new. Then  took me till now that I figuerd out it might be saved in Draft box xDDDDD Sooo here it is…

New video by J-LO!! Like it…Why? Cuz 2 Slovenians are in it =p Song is nothing special..i like parts when u hear “Lambada”, I love song Lambada!!!


Video…well I espected more. When she’s dencing she looks like Shakira in her first video ( dress and hairstyle). 

Slovenians…. First is Yuri Bradac ( with real name Jurij Bradač…for easier pronunciation he changed it). He’s slovenian model from Maribor. Curently he lives in USA, trying to be actor =) He was also in Lady Gaga video “Bad Romance”. He played main man role…the one who ends burnin in bed 🙂 In J-Lo video u could see him at 2:26, he’s siting on the right, have black glasses and white bow around neck.

Second slovenian is Nika Kljun. She’s dancer from Slovenia (i think she’s from Ljubljana :s ) and curently lives in LA. As dancer she participate in some other videos, like the one by Matt Pokora ft. Timbeland. In video by J-Lo she acts. U can see her at 2:33. She’s girl standing next to Jennifer, in her hands she have salver with glass & some alcohol.


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