OPI Serena Williams French Open

Cuz I know that soon new big tennis turnament is coming I went to search on internet if OPI put fotos of new Serena Williams collection. Her first Australia Open collection is amazing so I can’t wait to get others (y) My searching did made some results 🙂 I found page where photos of new nail polishes are, also on nail wheel \o/ I love what will come!! A lot of new shatters, like white ( Essence already have cheeper version & China Glaze ), red,blue, navy & turquoise. They’ll always come in a pair with base color.

For now  only  photos of France Open collection are out. One duo is not yet official announced ( red pair) but I hope that they sell bouth duos.

1. White shatter + Spark de Triomphe

   –> http://fashionurbia.com/opi-white-shatter-and-spark-de-triomphe-nail-polish/#

They remined me on Franch castles 🙂 Don’t know why.

2. Red shatter + Rally pretty pink

–> http://fashionurbia.com/opi-serena-glam-slam-duo-rally-pretty-pink-red-shatter/ 

Don’t know if red shatter steps up enough. Like how pink looks like & think I’ll use red shatter on some other colour cuz this pink deserves to be worn on their own. 

I’m really looking foward to see other shatters, especially blue & navy, well and also base colors that will came with them cuz I don’t know yet which color they’ll be…guessing some light ones for summer 🙂


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