The Balm Classified lipstick

The Balm is american cosmetics factory. 

In Slovenia u can buy their products in Ljubljana in shop Nama ( I saw them only there). Their products are expensive compering to others…or do they look like this to me cuz I was not satisfied with color rang they have–>prob. this :)) Eyeshadows are dark, lipglosses in not good looking bottle and so =) But I really like that they use vintage photos and names (y)

I bought lipstick from “Read my lips” collection with name “Classified”. It’s nude color. I really like it on my lips. I l aready have 1 nude lipstick by Manhattan which is to dark for me & I need to put concealer under to lighten up. With this one I don’t need to do that. Manhattan is darker cuz it’s creamy when Classified is clasick lipstick.

      Lil box is from paper.

    Lipstick box is also made by paper.


Lipstick looks light on my lips, need to applay it 3 or more times to get intensive color. I like that is not so intense so I applay it only twice. When I applayed it for the first time I had realy dry skin on lips. Lipstick transform it into silky..i feel lil coldness and tickling, like when u put lip balm for dry lips. I like that effect a lot!!

Lipstick cost 15.72€. One of ingredients are Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, vitamin A & E.


On the left is Classified and on right Manhattan Creamy nude lipstick 95H Caramel.

In bottle Classified looks lil bit darker. On my hand and on lips Caramel is a lot’s like caramel, like the name says =)) Classified at first give mat impresion but after some minutes transforms into cream look. Caramel is creamy a lot and that makes it darker.

To my skin Classified goes more along. I like bouth but my favourite is Classified. Don’t regret that I bought it and will be a lot of times on my lips.


One thought on “The Balm Classified lipstick

  1. I like so much this products. Pink color is my favorite color. I follow with a moisturizer later on. It has improved my skin so much; it is now a lot more hydrated. The matte, caramel shade just goes with everything depending on how lightly I apply it. I haven’t used the Natural in a long time. It always applied too glittery and gold for my liking. I would recommend to anyone! Thanks for sharing with us.

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