Some pictures from sunday carnival parade in Črnomelj

Every year for carnival we have parade in Črnomelj, city from where I came from. Parade goes from one side of the city to other ( city is small so all ends in 30 minutes jajajajaj) and ens on parking lot in front of shoping center. Then there is music, dancing, u can buy donuts, muled vine & “cold” vine :), popcorn, baloons, juices….

This year was a lil bit diferent than in other, mybe cuz we have new mayor..well mayoress ( for the first time =p ) Club who organised it, with name “Presta” meaning “bretzel”…according to one legend ppl in Črnomelj baked a lot of it, so that’s our unofficial nickname =))). Where were I…ahhh yeea…well that club called ppl from villages neer Črnomelj to join them & also ppl from Ptuj. In Ptuj they have masks called “Kurenti” & they have “Kurentovanje –>  Some of them came in Črnomelj & show us their tradition. It was awsome!!!!  At the same time they had 51. Kurentovanje in Ptuj, there was more than 600 kurents & 60.000 ppl. There I woudn’t see them from close, in Črnomelj I could touch them 🙂

I pick some of the pictures that I took. Mostly with Kurenti cuz they were the most interesting thing… all other masks presented the situation of Bela Krajina region where Črnomelj is ( problem of  tunnel be2 Bela Krajina & Dolenjska & so)   and few of them world situation. Kids also participated and at the end all kids who were in carnival mask got donuts ( krof in slovenian Our don’t looks like american jajajajaj)  and juice.

When I walked home I also shot some pictures of Črnomelj. Sadly it was cloudy so the city don’t looks so great as usual. Oooo and I like to call it city but is town in fact 🙂 5000 ppl live here.

  2 boys from cartoon “A je to!” that was extra popular when I was a kid. Their names are Pat & Mat :))

      –> Kurenti. They sent winter away and bring spring (y) 

       –> China dragon in front of China restaurant…yes we have it xDxD

     –> Castle of Črnomelj. In my opinion they ruind it with peach color.

 –> Main street. They colored houses many times but with so much trafic soon all is ugly again.

 –> Football stadion of NK Bela Krajina. I live in next street. Open window and hear the result xDD Curently they’re second in 2.slovenian league ( few years ago they were in first). 

All photos were shot with mobile phone 🙂

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