IsaDora Fanciful spring 2011 collection

For some time I’m looking for lighter blue nail polish. Saw some beautiful in past OPI collections so I have in my head how blue should look. All nail polish brands curently have dark blue ones, I hope with spring light ones will come (y) One of the brands that gives me hope for that is Swedish IsaDora. They have new collection with 1 blush, some eyeshadows and lipsticks and 4 new shades of nail polishes. They are all pastel and with silver shimmer. I have to say it was love on a first look :):) so big that I bought 3 of them. Left in the shop pink/peach one cuz to me looks totally the same as Alessandro “Cheeky devil” from their It Girl collection for spring 2011.

  –> under shop lights pink nail polish looks more like peach.

From left to right: 627 Bonbon Mint, 623 Doll Pink, 626 Blue Sky, 653 Mellow yellow. Each for 9.16€

My favourite is Blue Sky, then Bonbon mint and then Mellow yellow. I put on them China Glaze crackle in “Broken hearted”. On green is ok..calm down 🙂 Love it on yellow cuz pink pops out a lot and on blue looks like violet..also like it.  Would love to add photo but have so shaky right hand that no photo is ok :(:( Will try tomorow (y) 

Other things from collection –> Glow Stick Blusher ‘Rose Bud’ , Eye Focus Eye Shadow , Jelly Kiss Lipstick

I watched lipsticks also but didn’t decide to buy any. Now that I see they’re gel lipsticks I’m more interested in them…think I’ll buy one tomorow. They have vivid and nice colors, minus is that they cost a lot :/ well for one I’ll find money =) 

Eyeshadows are more vivid and powerful in live, than in this promo photo.

When I payed my 3 nail polishes I got as gift 3 mini eye make up removers  (15ml) by IsaDora.

  “Darilo” means Gift in slovenian =p


4 thoughts on “IsaDora Fanciful spring 2011 collection

  1. Where can I get IsaDora products in Las Vegas, Nevada? The Walgreens here in Las Vegas does not carry the IsaDora line.

  2. Hi,

    I read above that you are looking for a light blue nail polish. This is just to let you know I found a wonderful, pale, twinkling lavender blue nail polish. I ordered two bottles on eBay and I an hardly wait to see how it looks. The color is Maxiflex Peacock. Even though peacock sounds bright, it is a pale sparkling sugary blue. There is one left from this dealer: emz0139. When you go on this dealer’s eBay site, you would select Peacock from a pull down menu. I hope this type of color is what you are looking for.

    I, myself, am looking for the spring 2011 nail polish collection from IsaDora. I wanted to try Doll Pink and Mellow Yellow. Walgreens in the USA used to carry IsaDora but they no longer carry this line.

    If you do a Google search for Maxiflex Peacock, you can also see what it looks like there.


    • Woow that blue is awsome!!
      In Slovenia we don’t have anymore Spring collection, now is in stores summer collection. On IsaDora page looks like they put Doll Pink & Mellow Yellow in their standard collection..but in our stores they still didn’t update basic/standard collection 😦

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