H&M Spring Lip balm

Today I saw new lip balms in H&M. They look really cute with flowers *-* Box remineds me on old soaps 🙂 U can buy 3 diferent balms, each for 1.95€. Inside u get 17.6g of lip balm.


–> “Fresh Lime”

Mine is inside white, I asume in others 2 is the same. If u put to much of balm on u’re lips u get white lips =)  Smell is light and fresh, like some lemon candys. I espected more intense but like it the way it is.  Texture is not sticky. U don’t feel lip balm, it’s like u don’t have it on =p

–> “Fresh Vanilla” is in yellow box 

 -> from   http://preppyfashionaddict.blogspot.com/

–> “Fresh Mint” in light blue box.  Have the same patern, it’s in light mint green.

I was also luck =) saw one and only mini nail polish in “Juicy peach” for 0.95€. It’s jelly nail polish. Don’t know how did come there but I’m happy that I have it =p even thou now I think I already have one nail polish in similar shade. To me is like dark orange. 



2 thoughts on “H&M Spring Lip balm

  1. Goodmorning! 🙂

    I actually just bought the Lip balm in Lime. But I bought it in Ireland on a StudyTrip and now I’m home again in Denmark. Unfortunately thing is I lost it! Do you know if it is available on H&M’s Online Store?

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