H&M Spring nails

H&M have new nail polishes (y) They made 2 “boxes” in each are 4 nail polishes. In bottles is 3.2 ml of nail polish. I’m so happy that I have H&M nail polishes *-* I really wanted to have at least one, no metter what color =)) so having 8 lil of them is like paradise xD

 “Boxes” /sets don’t have a name. On nail polishes is written shade of color… they could put some interesting name, but like that is also ok 🙂 Four nail polishes cost 3.95€. Two of them also have shimmer, all others are creamy. My favourites are brown and blue. Other shades are also beautiful.

Nail polishes from left to righ:

1. Grey ( have silver shimmer)  2. Light purple 3. Dark purple  4. Coral ( have gold shimmer) 5. White   6. Beige  7. Brown  8. Blue

Swatches–> http://www.parokeets.com/en/2011/02/hm-spring-nails-coralpurple-and-bluebeige-sets-swatches/


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