Today I’m Simply Smash-ing!

Simply Smash-ing…of happines xDDDD

I’m one of those people who gets extra happy when my country is good in sport. Crazy right =p Four days ago was crazy and happy and perfect!! Why? Cuz Slovenian skiier Tina Maze won gold medal at World championship. This is first gold medal for Slovenia!! well, first since 1989 but in that year we still were Yugoslavia, so it don’t count. Yeea, on that day I felt totally Smash-ing….sadly didn’t have yet this OPI nail polish. It came next day & I love it!! Will wear it always when tennis competition will be on =p I order it online, cuz was shure that we woun’t have it in store……. Guess what I saw today in 2 stores.. Simply Smash-ing & Black Shatter =) Ahhh ya, so I again over-paid OPI nail polish for 3€. Next time I’ll wait till it came to our store..I hope xDD

1. OPI “Simply Smash-ing” –> 11€ from

Fotos & review –> 

While I was in Muller all surprised that they have Serena Williams by OPI, I decided that I’ll buy one of OPI Burlesque nail polishes that they still have. Yes, this is an old collection but they still have some of the glitters ( don’t know how jajajaaj). They put them together with Mini OPI. For 12.99€ you get one big OPI & one mini OPI. That’s really cool!! Problem is just that on mini OPI isn’t written which one is :/

2. OPI “Glow up already!” & OPI Mini “On the same paige”



To my collection of nail polishes I also added one by S-he Stylezone xD

3. S-he Stylezone 208 -> 1.99€

  Have red & gold flakies like nail polishes by NFU.OH & is in orange red color.  It’s not seen great on this photo :)) We have snow so the light is not good :/


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