My new Essence stampy plates

Today I woke up early cuz I went to two and a half hour long train ride from Črnomelj to Ljubljana ( where I go to university). Normally I go on sundays, but now that become wormer I decided to go at monday morning. From Ljubljana train station to my “home” there I walk for 15 minutes. After so long ride I always enjoy on this walks xDD Today this walk also included stop at shop for food and things like that and in DM. There I decided to buy some Essence stampy plates. I like a lot the designs that they have!!

Each one cost 1.89€. This is what I bought:


  Like the most footsteps in the middle of the plate *-*






And then I also added to my shopping bag one orange nail polish =))

6. S-he Stylezone 402 –>1.95€

Orange & red are my favourite colors so I coudn’t resist with this one =p


2 thoughts on “My new Essence stampy plates

  1. Hello,

    First love the blog. My name is Amber and I run a nail blog
    at My biggest lemming is the
    Essence Plates. The new ones. I was wondering if you were able to
    gt any more if you were interested in either a trade or would send them to
    me. Of course I would pay for them lol. Please let me know, I live in the

    Lady M

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