I like you Sunny day!

For some days we have so beautiful sun here in Slovenia. I like it!!! It’s like spring, not winter. When january ends I prefer to have warm and sunny days, so now is perfect for me *-*

Today I had exam and after it I went to a small walk around center of Ljubljana. It also consist of shop tour =p For long time I plan to buy some Zoya nail polishes. Today I finally went to the only shop that sails it in Slovenia ( in Maxi market) but after detailed looking I decided that non is for me 🙂 But they do have cute bottles xD

The other thing I expected to buy was “Essence I love Berlin” eyeshadow palette. Sadly we still don’t have this collection in SLovenia, even though it’s february-march collection. :/  Unhappy watching Essence shelf I found 3 interesting nail polishes \o/

1. Essence, Glisten up! 25 –> 1.56€


I like that have “FLAKIES”, that make him special..and I also like turquoise color.  http://www.parokeets.com/en/2010/04/essence-has-flakies/

2. Essence, Sweet as candy 05 –> 1.56€

  I like how it looks in the bottle..it’s light pink. Bought it couse soon will be Valentine’s day and will put on it then. Hope will look as I want it cuz I saw some photos on net and I don’t like how it looks :/


3. Essence, Make me Holo 01 –>1.85€

–> Review : http://www.parokeets.com/en/2010/12/review-and-swatches-essence-black-and-white-te-nail-polishes/ 

It’s top coat and totally not Holo =) It’s top coat with blue shimmer. I think it would look good if u put first base coat and then this top coat..u have “naked” nails with blue shimmer 🙂 I put it over O.P.I “the thrill of brasil” and I like it!! Transform it into red with blue shimmer, so now that the sun is gone, looks like color fuchsia with blue shimmer and sometimes turquoise shimmer.

And at the end of the walking I went to Muller and bought yellow nail polish for summer \o/

4. Catrice, 010 Don’t feed the birds –> 2.49€

   As all others in this world I don’t know why they put that name to this nail polish. They could do it better! Mybe they though on corn…like “Don’t feed the birds with yellow corn cuz it could stuck in their tummy” Hmmmmm, mybe 🙂


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