Essence Whoom! Boooom! collection

Essence put a preview of their new collection on their site. Have interesting name “Whoom! Boooom!” even thouh I don’t know why “Whoom!” xDDD  It’s their collection for spring. Will came out in march.

Written really great about it in german –>

Collection consist of:

1. Four mono eyeshadows


2. Cream eyeliner palette

3.  Colour changing lipgloss

   On their page is said that will change form Blue to Rosa ( light pink) and from Yellow to Pink. That’s interesting!! Looking foward to try it.

4. Four nail polishes


5.  Mini nail files


6. Nail sticker

From this collection I’ll shure buy lipglosses cuz wanna see how they change. Eyeshadows and nail polishes I need to see in live..normally they came out diferent than on computer.  From what I see now, I’ll probablly like green eyeshadow and orange nail polish.


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