Searching black pants and Zara discount

Till today I haven’t had black pants. I don’t like black. In black I feel like old widow…can’t explain that to myself 🙂 So I never buy black cloths…but today I had to. In december my dads uncle and I had a big problem to find anything black…my sis saved me and mum order me to buy at least black pants. Was delaying this till this week. In friday I’ll go on another funeral so it was must do.

My searching started in Zara shop. There I saw that they have discount on past collections. Tried one black pants but wasn’t really satisfied with them..didn’t buy them 🙂 But I did buy one t-shirt from discount. I have to admit I was somehow sad that I didn’t buy more of them but I’m just not “Zara girl” xD If u are go there, u’ll love it! My t-shirt came from 19.95€ to 7.99€. A lot =) Zara is not my to go there just to see what they have, sometimes i find something but otherwise I’m “H&M girl” xD there’s my home hauauahuauah =p

My Zara t-shirt:


No black pants for me in Zara.. they waited for me in my H&M =)

 Treggings for 9.95€ 

Woudn’t be me if I woudn’t buy something more xDD I bought one crazy leggings and skirt.

Blue skirt with blue hearts for 19.95€

 Fall in love in it online =) Have two pockets on side, cute!!

And crazy leggings for 9.95€

  Have photos of people on, some pink flowers and lips *-*


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