Bourjois Rose Exclusif

Rose Exlusif is lipgloss that… I’ll wrote what is written on it, they wrote it really great xDD “Is transparent lipgloss that self-adjust into a unique, personalised pink when applied to the lips.” and ” Transforms into a bespoke pink. Adapts to the pH of your lips.” It cost me 9.15€


Lipgloss is transparent but brush is pink. I like how transparent changes into pink but I don’t like that lipgloss is soooo sticky and thick. U need to put brush more times into can to smear all lips. But it’s plus that stays for long time on.

This is how it looks on my lips:

1. Lips with no lipgloss

2. Lips with lipgloss and flash

3. Lips with lipgloss and no flash

All photos are made with mobile phone 🙂


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