My lil sis generously gave me her lipsticks + two old mine

Don’t know what happend to her but my sister decided that she don’t need lipsticks and lipglosses she have and gave them to me. Well, tnx sis! I take them with pleasure xDD I got 6 lipglosses and 2 lipsticks for free!! =p

This is what I got:

1. S-he Stylezone lipstick, 622/394

  It’s dark pink with silver glitters. On lips looks more pale and u see silver glitters a lot.

2. S-he Stylezone lipgloss 624/12

 In live this looks totally the same as uper lipstick, but don’t have so much silver glitters…base color is the same ( I took pictures at night with light on side, that’s why they look diferent on photos).

3.  Maybelline Iridescent Rose diamonds, 111/103

 This one have such little glitters inside that u can’t capture them in photo, thats why it looks as its mat. Gave the look as u have wet lips. It’s light pink and is my favourite of all that I got from my sis (y)

4. S-he Stylezone lipgloss, 624/07

 Light pink with holographic glitters.

5. S-he Stylezone lipgloss, 624/02

 Have glitters small as sand which glow in light pink. Looks as pearls.

6. Vollare 3D Glamour Shine Lip gloss Holographic

 Can’t find the name of number of this color 😦

7. Maxfactor Silk Gloss, Peach glow 345

8. Miss Sporty XX Volume, 204 Whisper

 Have the taste of mint

And here are my 2 old lipsticks by S-he Stylezone. Decided to put them in this post cuz I mentioned a lot S-he Stylezone. This is German brand from DM store ( for all who don’t know).

9. S-he Stylezone lipstick 622/218 (or is 318…first number went away :/ )

10. S-he Stylezone lipstick 622/392

 Light pink, pigmented a lot..u get it on u’re lips as u see it in the “box”. I love it! It’s my favourite 2010 lipstick 🙂


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