H&M Valentine’s day lipglosses

Today I saw that in H&M they got new lipglosses for Valentine’s day. Like always I had to buy them =))) I like their lipglosses. They smell great, look great and they are in cute boxes…plus they’re cheap, so why not buy them =p But I wish that sometimes for a change I could buy some of their nail polishes. Saw them on internet and got cought on one of them =))

1.  Heart lipgloss…”Red Love” –> 2.95€

  Looks like that when u buy it. They also have Pink and Gold version. Don’t know their names :/ But I’m shure that inside they’re all the same.

  Lipgloss inside is totally the same as in H&M Winter lipglosses –>https://lidijaslove.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/hm-winter-lipgloss/ 

  On all is written “You are mine” So boys this could be one of the gifts u’ll give to u’re girl for Valentine 😉

2. H&M “Marry me” Lipgloss –> 0.95€

  It’s dark pink with glitters in the same color.  Have smell and taste of mint and when u put it on u’re lips u have that fresh feeling, but goes away after 10 minutes.

They also had light pink lipgloss with name “Pink Amore” or it was Amor ( don’t remember) 🙂 Looks the same as this H&M lipgloss just with less glitters –> https://lidijaslove.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/lipgloss-by-hm/  Because of that I didn’t buy it.

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