Essence Pick me up & Bubble babe lipgloss

Two lipglosses from “XXXL shine” Essence collection. This 2 really shine a lot cuz they have probablly million of glitters inside.  Despite the glitters they look ok on lips, not to sparkling. This is cuz u don’ t get a bunch of glitters on brush..u get just enough to look perfect.

1.  Essence Pick me up 11 –> 1.89€

It’s light orange or natural color with a lot of lil silver glitters. On lips looks like u have non-colored lip gloss with a loooot of glitters. I like it, looks really cute 🙂

2. Essence Bubble babe 14 –> 1.89€

Bubble babe is neutral gloss with million of pink and silver glitters. Have more pink glitters than silver and silver ones are a lil bit bigger. This makes illusion that u’re buyin’ pink lipgloss.



On the photo u can also see me wearing OPI Blue my mind with OPI Black Shatter nail polish. I also put top coat on =) & addvice don’t put on mat top coat, don’t look great. 😉


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