Black Shatter did Blue my mind in The Thrill of Brazil

I had a mini brake of writting in this blog cuz I was studiing for exams which I’ll have in future 4 weeks. Hope I’ll get rid of some =))) but don’t know how will go with first one cuz on my bad i catch a cold :// yeea  so it’s leaking from my nose and right eye. Will pass away in few days but at least one exam I’ll need to do with cold. Not looking foward to that.

Ok, lets not talk just about bad things :)) In this week in which I was at home in Črnomelj I order O.P.I Black Shatter from Katy Perry collection *-* I looked for it in almost every shop in Ljubljana but was to late, other girls bought all of them. I was really happy when I saw that they have it on This is Slovenian page when u can by NFU.OH, OPI, China Glaze, Orly and Konad. Black Shatter came in saturday with O.P.I Blue my mind ( I order bouth). I like them a lot!!!! Wanted to put them imediatlly on my nails but because of cold I decided not to :/ Will wait till I’ll be fine again 🙂

Price on the page is 11.oo€ for each…but cuz they sent me the packet to my home and cuz I pay to a postman ( not with credit cart) at the end cost me 27€….soo like I would buy them in the shop. I expected I’ll pay less 😦  Next time I’m buying OPI in normal shop! Ok, online only if in shop wount have the color I really really want.


The Thrill of Brazil is red color on which I can’t forget in this post xDDD It’s bright, vivid red. Don’t know why they put that name to her. When I think of Brazil I see the colors of their flag & there is no red. Mybe they though on some dress from Carneval…:) But I do know that I bought this nail polish only because of the name. I love Brazil and I’m planing to go there someday…to see all the beauty and to meet my friends. This will be the color I’ll put on when I’ll go 🙂 

Ohhh yeea…when I come home I saw that this red look almost the same as “Catrice Bloody mary to go” which I also have. So if u alredy have Catrice red don’t buy OPI…. I was blinded whit the name so I didn’t realise I already have this red xD

  On this 2 photos similarity is not so obvious but if u google it u’ll see. 

The Thrill from Brazil is from South American Collection. –> on this page u can find all their collections from 2004 ( i think.) This is USA page when u can buy nail polish, but I used it just to look what kind of nail polishes OPI had.


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