My new H&M accessories

Latelly I first look at H&M online shop what they have and when I find something I really like I go the their shop here in center of Ljubljana. Like this is easier to keep my money in pocket :)) otherwise I buy everything I see.  In my new  way I’m only focoused on finding things I saw on internet…and don’t have time to see other stuff =p  ( this is link in german cuz the prices are in euro so is good for me but u can change country, u’ll see the flag down right)

Soo my eyes stoped in december on this new accessories that they have and today I finally saw it in our shop. Couldn’t resist and bought earrings,bracelets and rings that match together…they’re so CUTE!!!

Here they are:

1. Bracelets –> 7.95€

4 bracelets, two are made from tekstile material ( but base is from iron or stuff like that), one is from plastic ( the pink one, in live is a lil bit darker than on this photo) and one from iron or something like that and the parts are conectet with elastic rope.

2. Rings –> 2.95€

The last ring wich is here from flower fabric is in mine pacet from blue fabric. I would prefer with flowers 🙂

3. Blue bow earrings –> 2.95€

4. Flower bow earrings –> 2.95€

5.  Pocket with 6 earrings –> 2.95€

I have more holes for earring in one ear so this lil fabric made earrings will go there when I’ll wear the bow ones 🙂

My favourite from this collection is flower bracelet *-*  Bracelets I have in XS/S and rings in S size.


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