Sombras Fluo Koloss

Sombra = eye make up in portugues

Koloss is brasilian make up brand which I found totally by coincidence =)   I  saw only this Fluo Collection & on their page I found some other cool things…. which will all be in my wish list cuz I’m not even close to Brazil to buy them xD But I totally fall in love in this vivid fluo colors.

In collection u can find 6 sombras= eye make up’s, 6 lipsticks (batom/baton I think in portugues) and 5 lipglosses

Sombras are:

Purple fluo, Citrino fluo, Orange fluo, Light fluo, Lemon fluo, Pink fluo

I like vivid colors like this on my face in summer 🙂 like, that not a lot of girls have them and like that I stand out of all that boring make up that I see on the street ( black eyeliner, black mascara & black/brown/natural eye make up). So bright,fluo and neon make up I still don’t own but would really love to have it =p had similar but were not so vivid :/

Would u dare to wear make up like this?? 😉


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