First shopping of the year 2011

Today was one of those days when I’m in mood for shopping 🙂 when I go in every shop I see & stay in till I don’t buy something =p  For my money status it was good that I went only in 3 shops today cuz I didn’t want to carry around a lot of bags.

This is what I bought:

1. Manhattan Creamy Nude lipstick 95H Caramel –> 4.89€

The color is nothing special but  I like this zebra look on it 🙂 Lipstick is from Manhattan Nude collection. More from it u can see here –>

2. Manhattan Perfect Creamy & Care lipstick 57D –> 6.95€

I only have 2 light/iced pink lipsticks so this was one of my “must buy” things to buy…next one is orange =) I already try it and really is creamy (y)

3. Fruttini Ginger Passionfruit Jelly lip gloss –> 2.75€

Smells like all other violet things by Fruttini & also have great taste in which Passionfruit dominates.

4. S-he stylezone glitter eyeliner 669/02 –> 2.49€

I didn’t even know that they have glitter eyeliners 🙂 I saw them for the first time today. In DM they had only in this color ( i guess they had in others to)…have silver & pink glitters, pinks are the ones who dominets. I like the brush cuz is thin & I think it will applay smooth.

5. Orly nail polish Passion fruit–> 9.57€

6. Orly nail polish Crush on you –> 9.57€

Passion fruit is from Neon collection and Crush on you is creme one, looks to me like sun or sunflower 🙂

7. O.P.I nail polish Last friday night –> 12.99€

8. O.P.I nail polish Teenage dream –>12.99€

Bought are from Katy Perry collection and they look really cool and great (y) *-*


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