Potica (= nut roll)

We also made Potica. This is Slovenian traditional pastry, usually made for easter, x-mas,new year but in modern time u can do it every time u want…u can also buy it in a shop. I like Potica a lot! *-* My grandma did it in a circle way but u can do it as a normal roll.

Read the recipe here –> http://www.slovenia.info/en/recepti/Walnut-potica.htm?recepti=9777&lng=2

If u wrote in google “Potica recipe” u’ll find a lot of them and in diferent versions. Here in Slovenia any woman do it in her own way…put more nuts in or add some raisins. Also exist a lot of diferent fillings. The most traditional is with walnuts ( we did that).



2 thoughts on “Potica (= nut roll)

  1. This looks really interesting. I’m going to check out the recipe and see if I can make this. I volunteer bake at the local hospital every weekend and this looks like something I could make for the patients. I’m sure they’ll like it, especially if there happens to be anyone there from Slovenia! 🙂

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