Elan skis

First I would like to say that I skied only once in my life for 5 days & first two days I was more  in the snow than on skis xDDD but after that I learned how to do it just not how to make curve =)) I did more downhill than slalom. But it was fun, I like it, laugh a lot when I fall and all others to xD

Soo I don’t ski but I love to watch skiing on tv… I watch every game that is on tv since ever 🙂 Also I watch ski jumping,biathlon,cross country…. I notice that a lot of them have Elan skis & most important that many many people don’t know that Elan skis are from Slovenia. Yaaaap this are Slovenian skis, the only ones that are maid in my country so we’re really proud on that & we like to see famous skiers on our skis \o/

They made skis for any tipe of skiing and for ski jumping. They also do boats and some other things that are not related to skiing. I went on their page to see their skis cuz I know that they made special ones for women and for kids and that they have beautiful ones.


Here are some that I like. I don’t know for the prices cuz they don’t have them on their page but are probably the same as from other brands.

1. Hot Magic QT from Fun series

2. Lil Magic Qt from Junior series

3. Makalu from Summits series

4. Triglav from Summits series

I like this ones just because of the name xD Triglav is the highest mountain of Slovenia. We say that u’re not a true Slovenian until u don’t go on Triglav… I’ve never been there =p It’s about 2848m high.

5. SLX Waveflex fusion from Waveflex Race series

 This are the skies that professional skiers use currently, like Ondrej Bank from Czech Republic & a lot of others. In the past Ingemar Stenmark and Bojan Križaj skied on Elan skis \o/

6. Elan Air World cup from Waveflex Race series

This are the skis that ski jumpers use. One of them is Wolfgang Loitzl from Austria.

If u know how to ski I wish u a lot of fun on ski slops, hope u’ll come on Slovenian ones to ( we have a lot of them, in Kanin u can ski to Italy cuz on the one side of mountain is Slovenia on other is Italy & they conected ski slops together… U buy 1 ticket and ski in 2 countries) and also hope u’ll try someday Elan skis :))  Enjoy on snow!!!


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