Paula Lobos — Heart of mine

Swedish singer with parents from Uruguay. She’s recording songs for her new EP which will come out in the begining of 2011. She had some cd’s from befour but they come out only in Sweden, now she’ll go worldwide. Her songs are mostlly in the same style as “Heart of mine” which I like 🙂 In the past she also made songs in Swedish and Spanish.

First song that I heard from her was this:

Personally I think she looks much better in other videos and photos that in this one xD

U can also add her as a friend in facebook…if she have time she click “I like” on u’re posts or photos, she congrats me for my b-day *-* She’s a really nice pearson =)

Follow her on twitter , read her english blog , her swedish blog   This two blogs are sometimes the same, when she’s in a hurry she just translate it 🙂

Watch other videos on youtube  go on myspace or  follow her at ( and me to, me to! *-* )

Woooow this days singers,bands… have a lot of internet pages, u can follow them everywhere xD


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