All pink blog

Do u like pink color, do u like to have everything in pink…. well here is one blog for you!!! 🙂

She’s girl from she writes in swedish ( she understands english and if u ask her she’ll write some posts in english \o/), she likes pink  and she likes to have everything in this color. In this blog she shares her passion about this color, writes here ideas and advices . She just started with this blog and would like to get some visitors. To me it was recomended by my friend and I recomend it to you.

I don’t understand all swedish but I really like the photos she put and that pink barbie car 🙂  *-*  And did u saw that pink x-mas tree soooo cute!!!  I’m not a fan of pink but some things just need to be in pink, it’s their destiny 🙂  Soo far I also like that she don’t write in that “girly girl style” if u know what I mean xDD She’s just a normal girl who really loves pink .

Soo, it’s really good blog…after u watch mine take a look at her xDD  if u don’t understand the languague just watch the pictures, they speak for them selfs…u can figure out about what she writes from the photos ( that’s another plus side of the blog \o/) or do as I do… try to learn a lil bit of swedish with help of this blog ( julgran = x-mas tree ….) and also a lil bit of swedish culture.


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