Alverde Gel-eyeliner

Today I bought gel eyeliner by Alverde Naturkosmetik. It’s from collection “My best friend” which is curentlly in DM stores.

The whole collection looks like that:

They don’t have their own internet page but they do have facebook, so if u also have it tipe in “Alverde Naturkosmetik”. There are fotos from this collections and all others.

My eyeliner is 044 Sunny and cost me 3.30€


This is my first gel eyeliner so it’s hard for me to say anything smart about it xD I put it on with brush and it was quit easy… but u need to get used of it. So far I like it. The color is not so intense on my eyes as on photos and I don’t notice any glitters, on my eyes looks all like matt. I think I’ll wear withouth any other eye-shadow cuz with eyeshadow woun’t pop out so much, will fade away.

Last two photos I took from this page:   and here u can read more about eyeliner… it’s written in german.


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