Confiserie Heidel Chocolate

This is a German chocolate, is really good (as all from Germany,Swiss and Austria) and I like the way their boxes look. Especially now for x-mas they have really cute ones, I’ll give some of them to my x-mas gifts for friends and familly.

For x-mas they have 3 collections:  Nostalgic christmas, Christmas time and Angel by Raffael. So far I bought 2 from Nostalgic christmas.

And inside u get this:

They also have things for Valentine’s day, Easter, New year and an All year collection. From “All year collection” I bought once pocket with Euro’s =)) And chocolat’s from Pirate & Princess. Of course I bought a Princess chocolate’s xD And at the begining of school year they had chocolate’s with alfabeth. That was really awsome! Would be nice if I got that for my first day at school… well instead I got a cake *-*

Hope u’ll find them in u’re stores cuz they are good gift, especially if u’re in a hurry :)) U bought one of this, add lip gloss put it in a lil gift paper bag and u have it!! Put a rose with it if u have option to buy it and will be even better (y)

In Slovenia I know we have them in “Spar”… at least I bought this ones there. Probablly they sell them in other stores to.


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