My favourite earrings

One of the oldest that I still have and I still like them with the same intensity as when I saw them in the shop 🙂

Bought them on my vacacions in Croatia. They are made by polymer ( I think that’s the english word for that xD ). I like them cuz of their shape, slice of lemon cut in half. They are perfect for summer & I cought a lot of eyes on them :)))

This ones my sister gaved me for my b’day. First I was sceptical because of black coloure ( i’m not fan of black) but then I realise they match with a lot of my clouths. Now I wear them most of the time xD But they are still my first and only black earrings.

This ones just latelly become my favourite ones and I love all about them. I bouth them in Austria in Salzburg when I was there with high school( 4 years ago) remined me on old times xDD

Bought them just because of the stars xDD and then wore them for a year all the time. Bring memories on last year when I went for the first time to university. Begining of something new. Now I wear them less time but are still my first choice when I don’t know which one  put on.


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