Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream

Manhattan have new collection for this fall 2010. They named it Tender touch and consist from 3 lipcreams, 3 eyeshadows and 1 mascara. I was really interested in lipcreams because of their mat effect :)) I like mat on my nails so I wanted to try that also on my lips. I bough the red one with name ” 46 H”. Yeeea it’s stupid that they didn’t put some cute names. They decided for numbers :/ Other is pale pink “56 K” and other natural that looks like powder to me “95 G”.  One cost 6.45€

They say this lipcreams are :

  • Creamy smooth lip cream, pleasantly velvety in the order.
  • With applicator for a precise application.
  • Matte finish with extra-high coverage.

I agree with creamy and smooth and even though u’re lips look dry because of mat effect they are not dry…it’s like all other lipgosses just that it not shine. It really have extra-high coverage. Applicator is the same as in other their lipsticks/ lipglosses so if u have them for precise then it is xDD

Overall I like this lipcream. Just need to buy lip liner from them in the same colore, think will look much more better. Mybe thats the thing I miss in this collection, one matching lip liner. =)


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