My big H&M shopping =)

My sister came to visit me ( she had vacaciones) and mostlly to go shopping xDD First we went to H&M (obviously hahuahauh) Need to say that I spend totally toooooo much…. but good thing was that they gave us some red cards and on them was writen that we have 5€ of discount ( and the end of her 2 day visit we collect 6 cards which means 30 € of discount…. I spend them today :/ )

Red card looked like that… I really liked them & was sad when today cashier cut them with scissors :/

This is what I bought on in first H&M shop ( we went in two, they are at diferent place in the same city)


Is super cute heart with eyes!!! *-*  


My sis bought much more =p Then we went on other side of the city into other H&M

  Leggings –> 14.95€

   Leggings –> 19.95€

Then came another day when I bought much more than my sis =p


  –> 24.95€

   –> 19.95€

  –> 19.95€

And today I went again to H&M to spent my 30€ discount =)))


  Jeans leggings –> 19.95€

In reality they look like that:

   –> 19.95€

Also bought one black and one olive randome leggings and one gloves.

All this things are from H&M new collection “Get warm” which as u see I adore *-* They have a lot of  knit-wear which are warm and comfortable and u get feeling that u’re grand’ma made them =)) They are perfect for winter…. and they say that this years winter will be really really cold so go to H&M and buy some warm things and be prepared for winter! 🙂


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