Lipglosses by H&M

Today I finally bought other 2 lipglosses that I didn’t have.

Soo here are all 3:

1. Golden Pearl

2. Passion Red

3. Passion Pink

Just one to say one BAD thing about it: If u have hot hand or they wet a lil bit & u hold the lid of lipgloss in them then this cute black roses go away and u have BLACK HANDS 😦  Soo I put lipgloss for some seconds under light that I have on my desk and then with paper hanky wipe/rub away.


3 thoughts on “Lipglosses by H&M

    • hmm, vea si tem uno em H&M. Essa paixão vermelha e de 2010 pero ellos repitan muito cores de lipgloss, asi que pode que ahora tbm tienen vermelha so com otra capa.

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