Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics

Lily Lolo is brand of cosmetics from UK. I find them in swedish portal :)) ( btw I don’t speak svenska) and I really wanted them… so I  wrote in google Lily Lolo. 

First I visit this page  Is official Lily Lolo page. Here u can see all that they have & u can buy online. Soo if u’re from UK buy here :))  If u’re from Sweden buy here: 

And if u’re from Slovenia u can buy here: 

I order them at night in thursday and make up came in saturday in the morning… really fast 🙂

Make up was in this lil envelope

And this was inside

1. Lip gloss, Apricot smack –> 9.00€

Lip gloss have natural smell, have no fake smell’s like others… don’t smell like vanilla or rose or apricot 🙂 It’s not creamy and smoth aplication. Color is not vivid on lips, not soo orange like it seams in tube.

2. Eye make up : Green opal, Smokey brown & honey peach –< each 6.90€

They are easy to apply, last long… I like them xD  Green have bigger glitters than other 2 & have green and gold glitters so it looks like opal… on eyes don’t shine to much. Brown and honey have lil glitters which make them just perfect on u’re eyes.

I use them only one day but I can say that I’m happy with this make up! =p

 Green opal

 Smokey brown

 Honey peach


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